Know Your Apps - FOXNow

Know Your Apps - FOXNow

Welcome everyone, to a brand-new episode of know your apps where we here at SPSN. Make sure you have all the info on the latest and greatest Samsung apps. For your Samsung or Smart TV. I'm your host Karin.

And today, we're gonna show you how to watch full episodes of your favorite box shows and exclusive clips and interviews from Fox programming. With the Fox now, on demand app from Samsung apps and since it's not Fox later. It's Fox, right freaking now, I'll show you how to set it up lickety-split.

First and foremost, Samsung has tons of ways to connect the Samsung apps whether it's through a smart Blu-ray player or smart TV with smart hub or with Internet TV. On some TV models in our case here, we experience Samsung apps through am art hub with our awesome Samsung or Smart TV. So, just press Smart Hub on your TV, remote or if available on your model, you can use voice control and access Smart Hub by saying ITV. Then Smart Hub, it's important to note that your TV must be connected to the Internet in order for Samsung apps to function properly. You can find several how-to videos on that, very topic on our website

You'll need to download the Fox now app first. So, begin by navigating to Samsung apps and press enter. Here, you'll find all the apps in the Samsung apps universe divided up into search friendly categories. You'll find Fox now under videos.

When you find the icon, just hit enter read a summary of the app and when you're ready to download, just make sure download is highlighted blue and press ENTER again. Hit OK when you see the install prompt and when you're prompted that the install is complete choose to run to launch. When you first enter Fox now, accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy by hitting accept on the Fox now home page. You can start finding your favorite Fox shows featured shows. Let’s you scroll through some of the featured content on Fox now. 

Most popular is reserved for the most watched and liked episodes and clips the newest tab lets you browse based on the latest episodes and clips to air and finally, there's the all shows tab which lists. Every show, you can enjoy on Fox now when you choose a show, you can see the full episodes available and the clips you can enjoy. For a more specific search, press the blue D button on your remote enter. In search criteria, like a title and choose from the search results that populate on the right side of your screen. But, my what is that tiny lock icon you ask well even though Fox now has tons of free clips and videos to enjoy.

The best way to take advantage and watch the latest full-length content. It's a link box now with your cable provider account assuming, you get Fox as part of your paid cable subscription. If you don't get Fox, should really talk to somebody. Because, Fox now is absolutely free with your service.

How do you sign up? Well, when you select a video with a lock icon, you'll be immediately shown an instruction screen to help on your computer. Go to and join the pin provided on your screen and click Submit. Now choose your cable provider from the options and entering your cable account, username and password. Then click Sign In. Now, choose how you would like to login.

In this example, we will choose to login through Facebook enter in your username and password and then follow the remaining prompts to sign in. Once registered successfully, you can now enjoy all the great content on Fox now. Check out to create watch lists favorites and more back on your TV. The video you've selected will begin playing automatically and you can use the playback keys on your remote, like pause and play to control the video.

It's so easy, just hit return to go back one last thing, when you select settings from the home screen, you can view your legal mumbo-jumbo and see your support options should you need them and there you have it.

I hope you've enjoyed this sneak peek at the Fox now app from Samsung Apps, make sure to ask your service provider. If Fox now is available for you as part of your cable service. Join me for another episode of know your apps where I promise to keep bringing you the latest and greatest from Samsung apps, right here.