How to Access FoxNow from Anywhere Using a VPN

We'll be showing you how to access the FX Networks website using a VPN from anywhere now, the FX networks or FX famous group of challenge, one of the most famous networks, either online or through TV cables, and it's one the most popular in the world now, FX is the main sponsor of a lot of very popular shows, such as The Simpsons, for example, if any of you are a big fan of the adult animations and a lot of other amazing shows, now, unfortunately, FX is only accessible from within the U.S, it's not accessible from outside the US, however, that was the case before the introduction of VPN, now VPN or virtual private network allowed their users to connect to different lives around the world, so they operate the VPN provider operates a network of servers located all over the world.

Now once now if an order for the user to bypass geo striction, such as that placed on FX, all they need to do is just connect choose to a server that is located within the US, and so whenever this website will read the IP of the user trying to access the website, read an IP located or an IP address located inside the US, and will be tricked into thinking that this user is located inside the US, and hence granting him or her access to the website, now as you can see, when we opened up the, it brought us this error right here, that it's not available in the region that we're in right now, so what we're going to do is that we're going to close it and try to connect to a VPN and connect to a VPN server located in the US, and then try to access it again, and see where it goes now.

The VPN provider that we'll be using in this post is B VPN out, the VPN is a Netherlands-based VPN provider that started off in 2014, and in a very short time became one of the most secure, most reliable VPNs of toughest online situations around the world, and this is why we prefer using it in do restrictions, such as that based on effects, so let's try opening B VPN now. here is what it looks like the interface of B VPN now, let's try to connect your server within the US.

Now two things that we need to focus on, one was trying to access an online streaming around video streaming website such an effect, we need to focus on two things, first of all, we need to focus on choosing a server that is located within the US, second of all, choosing the best server available in the US, because this is what we need, we need a height matching speed able team, right now this is the list of servers available US Florida, US California, and connection speed is listed right next to each server.

I'm just going to go ahead and choose first, and click Connect together, it's time to connect and we are connected another animated, let's try to go to FX Networks again, just close this one, open this band FX networks, see where it takes us and we have access, that's how you do this accessing effect networks or FX, now from anywhere in the world shows movies, it's symptoms, now simple Simpsons have somehow break destroyed, they have their own website subsidiary website from FX called Vincent world, let's actually try, and we have access to it, didn't give us an error or anything, we have full access to it, and that's how you access FX or Foxnow using a VPN from anywhere in the world.