FoxNow on Android TV

FoxNow on Android TV

Hello guys. Today, we're going to check out FX now on Android TV. Still gonna have a look at all the new features and yeah. So, we'll just wait for this to load up. So, you have the live TV have movies entertainment and comedies and much more. So, we'll show you all that in this week's video.

Alright, so first book of shadows, so you got their originals. So that, we'll go to the movies. They've quiet our lodge, a man of movies here not too many. But, have a lot oops some of them are quite new releases with the Maze Runner and all that.

Then you got your comedies. If you're with a table or you do a sign in and then you can watch all this as well as you can watch some life. I'm Chelsea, so that's all your movies right there. Oh no, it's more. So, this really good, it's caught, it actually, it's more than I thought. I would see that, that's the end and that's all your movie. So, it's quite a large amount. Now, we'll look at, I don't feel, I can look at that.

So, we'll good on this part and then the last thing. I'll show you is how to sign in and it's very simple. So, it just has your most popular and you guys would know what to do. Anyway, I just want to make a quick video.

So now, I'll show you how you sign in to your provider. So, you go into settings sign in, signing right here and it'll give you a code. Now, that code there then just follow that website and when you've done that you can watch FX now.

It'll probably take about the max is one minute. You'll have to wait for it to load in that's. The max you're up the way and then you feel everything will be great. You'll be out of watch live, you here to watch ethics movies FX movies, West FX and then you got FX West, FX X and then you got FX West.

So, you get quite a large amount of them large channels. So, I hope this video helped you guys out. If you want to activate, just go on that website right now and put in whatever your code is.

Alright guys, I'll catch you guys in the next video.